Through Your Window

written by Joshua Holder

Through your windshield, you may see a dirty person along the road. You try and keep them faceless and nameless as you avoid eye contact and pray for a green light. You may see the “same old woman” walking up and down the median. You’re angry that the trampled grass won’t grow back, not that a woman in her 60’s is panhandling. We see a woman that needs help, needing help working through the process of getting housing.

Through your windshield you may see a group of guys under the influence of drugs. You’re frustrated that they are an eyesore and want them thrown in jail so you don’t have to look at them. We see a group of guys that are bound in chains by addiction. Most share stories of abuse and how they ran away from home. They want to break the chains of addiction but don’t know how. They want someone that is willing to listen to their story. They meaningfully say “thank you, God Bless you” when you give them food, soap and socks. They tear up when you pray with them.

You may see a crazy drunk under the overpass and think to yourself “why does anyone give him money, he just uses it for alcohol!” We see a hurt and scarred person that is choosing to live on the streets as punishment for past mistakes, drinking alcohol to forget. We see a person that we pray for daily, helping them when they need it. We see a person who now is sober and even though they are still living on the streets, help others in the same situation.

Through the windshield, you may want SOMEONE ELSE to immediately fix the problem of someone you don’t make eye contact with. We see a journey to healing and restoration, through Jesus, not a quick fix. We see someone that needs to hear they are loved and cared for. We see the need for people that are willing to be the church, show love to those that are hurting like Jesus shows us the same love for our brokenness.

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Love Under The Bridge

The Cedars- Dallas
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Faith Hope Love Church

Unity Park
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Refuge in the Park

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2nd Sunday of Every Month

7th Ward– NOLA

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St Roch and Tremé– NOLA

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Nehemiah House
Homeless Recovery Center

2727 Cleveland Street
Dallas Texas

A nine month intense discipleship and life skills training residential program for homeless men

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