About Us


Runner’s Refuge is a compassionate ministry dedicated to reaching people in crisis with the love of Jesus Christ through biblical hospitality, prayer, and situational intervention. We do this by serving the homeless community, reaching families living in impoverished areas, and serving communities in crisis through long-term disaster recovery programs.

Our Core Values

We will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

We will do everything with excellence as unto the Lord 

We will handle all conflict biblically 

We will demonstrate Biblical integrity at all times

We will be intentional in building relationships

We will serve our guests with dignity and respect

We will be relevant to today and to the culture within which we are placed

We will never turn away anyone legitimately seeking help

We will constantly evaluate our ministry and look for areas to improve

We will walk in bold faith

These things are non-negotiable

Corporate Officers

Rev. John A. Stout

Lead Pastor/ President

Principal Office

Waxahachie, Texas

469-383-3164 ext 700


Rachel Stout

Vice President

Principal Office

Waxahachie, Texas

469-383-3164 ext 701


Ginger Silverman


Principal Office

Burleson, Texas

469-383-3164 ext 702


Board of Directors

Rev. John A. Stout


Ginger Silverman


Bill Stipp

Board Member

Rev. David Barnett

Board Member

Rev. Ronnie Gonzalez

Board Member

Our board of directors are selected based on their personal character, testimony of salvation, and willingness to serve.

They serve two year terms.

Pastoral Team

Rev. Shawna Maxwell

Chaplain, Discipleship Director

Extension 703

Rev. Curtis Jackson


Love Under the Bridge

Extension 704

Rev. Michael Jackson


Solomon’s Porch

Extension 707

Rev. Ronnie Gonzalez


Faith Hope Love Church

Extension 708

Rev. Anthony Torres


Mountainview Refuge

Extension 709

Rev. Joshua Holder

Urban Missionary

Urban Outreach New Orleans

Extension 705