We are Re-Dreaming South Dallas
so South Dallas can Dream Again

Our Mission

Runner's Refuge is a compassionate ministry dedicated to reaching people in crisis with the love of Jesus Christ through biblical hospitality, prayer, and situational intervention. We do this by serving the homeless community, reaching families living in impoverished areas, and serving communities in crisis through long-term disaster recovery programs.

The Dream

In 1 Samuel 21, David is running from King Saul and runs to the Temple at Nob, There the priest Ahimelek meets David and asks why he is there. David says that he is about the kings business and needs food for his men. Ahimelek provides the showbread off of the altar for the men. David then asks for a weapon. Ahimelek gives David the sword of Goliath.

At Runner's Refuge we understand that everyone we minister to is running from something. They are running from fears, failures, past hurts, hangups, addictions, and habits. God has tasked us, like Ahimelek, to provide a place of refuge for those who are running. Our task is a simple one. We are to be a place where the least, the last, and the lost can come and be fed, equipped, and released into victorious living through relationship with Jesus Christ.

The plan is a four fold mission designed specifically to rebuild walls the enemy has torn down.

Train-- We will train churches to reach their cities through hospitality and discipleship programs specifically designed to fit their church and community culture.

Serve-- We will serve the impoverished and homeless by offering church services, hot meals, and discipleship programs in their communities.

Respond-- We will respond to communities in crisis by by offering long term recovery services in times of disaster by partnering with other faith based ministries and local churches to provide long-term assistance to see lives restored and hope recovered.

Change-- We will change the lives of many of those we serve by offering a 9 month residential one-on-one relational discipleship and life-skills program that points them to victorious living through Jesus Christ.

Rev. John Stout, MA, CEC, MCFE– Lead Pastor/President

Rachel Stout– Vice President, Volunteer Coordination

Ginger Silverman– Business Administrator

Curtis Jackson– Trinity Under The Bridge Campus Pastor

Dr. Chuck Wilson– Refuge in the Park Campus Pastor

Shawna Maxwell– Discipleship Director

Vacant– Nehemiah House Dorm Pastor

The Team

Our Ministry Partners

Each ministry partner plays an integral role in the operation and structure of Runner's Refuge.